Welcome to the Bay Area Stem Cell Conference Registration

May 8th-11th 2019, at Asilomar Conference Grounds 


Thank you for your interest in the Bay Area Stem Cell Conference. This event arose when leaders at several institutions met to discuss the need to foster collaboration and cross-fertilization of stem cell programs in California.  Our hope is that this event will enable informal discussions and chance meetings that spark fruitful interactions and collaborations. We anticipate around 300 attendees including students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty. The agenda was developed with input from five Bay Area Institutions, UCSF, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and UC Santa Cruz. We hope to create an environment that will promote and encourage collaborative research projects. The format will include talks by trainees, panel discussions, keynote speakers and social events. The agenda will focus on basic science and translational work across selected topics in stem cell research.  

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Registration fees as follows: Faculty $150 per person, Postdocs/Students $100

Lodging at Asilomar Conference Grounds: Faculty $200 per night per single room Postdocs/Students $133 per night per double room